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Get quality upholstery cleaning services

Get exceptional quality upholstery cleaning services from the professionals at Pride of Texas Carpet Care. Serving Quanah, TX, you can rely on our skilled and competent professionals to cater to all your upholstery cleaning needs.


Let us help breathe the life back into your furniture with our deep and thorough upholstery

cleaning services.

Dual step cleaning process

We believe in providing you with nothing less than reliable and a pristine cleaning service; that is why we first pre-spray a chemical on the furniture, agitate it, and then extract everything with water. We also purify the material and leave no residue.

Our upholstery cleaning services include

  • Odor removal

  • Spill / stain removal

  • Helps preserve your furniture

  • Helps eliminate allergens from cushions etc. (e.g., pet hair, dust mites, etc.)

PH balance cleaning

You can depend on our courteous professionals to use alcohol based PH balance cleaning chemical that are safer for your furniture and non-harsh while allowing it to dry faster.

Upholstery Cleaning